We had a very successful beach cleanup of Tsunoshima Beach following the Art show. Over 100 people came to the Tsunoshima Trash Art show and 15 people attended the beach cleanup on the following weekend. In cooperation with Shimonoseki City Hall who provided the trash bags and disposal of the trash, we were able to successfully accomplish this goal.

During the Tsunoshima beach cleanup we picked up many large and hazardous items as well as two refrigerators and a television. We filled about 50 bags with smaller plastic items such as PET bottles. Thank you to all those who came out to support this event.


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  1. Hello, this is hannah. I was send you a facebook message!
    I saw you in the 2015 Global youth environmental fourum, and searched everywhere in Google, naver, facebook… And i also send an e-mail to the Environment forum organizations cause my dream is to be an environment scholar.
    Please reply my message, and communicate with me!

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