Trash Research #2

For our third Tsunoshima beach cleanup this year on Nov. 10th, Life Recycled members Sou and Teruaki, conducted a trash research project as a follow up to our first beach trash research project on August 27th 2013. Although this research project took place on Tsunoshima Island, similar to the previous research, we gathered and identified trash on a different beach, which was in the vicinity of the lighthouse.


During the last trash research on August 27th, Japanese trash was in the majority with over 69% being identified as Japanese. For the second round of research on November 10th we found that 47% was from Japan, 28% from China, and 20% was from Korea.

Beach Trash Research with Unknown

The chart below describes the items we found during our beach trash research

Beach Trash Research by Item

Because of the costal location of our research site and strong tides around Tsunoshima Island, it is understood that a majority of the trash (expanded polystyrenes, Pet bottles, and fishing supplies) washed ashore during times of strong tides or storms. There were also some unexpected items we found which included prescription medication containers (addressed to Shimonoseki, Japan) and a refrigerator.


As our research found, the type and country of origin for the trash differed with the time and place of collection. However, lets consider this question, Why is there massive amounts of trash in the ocean?

The exact reason is unknown but our hypothesis is that there is dumping occurring in the waterways of Japan which eventually lead to the ocean and in regard to some marine trash, which shows signs of preparation for dumping, it was discarded by various fishing/commercial vessels.

Life Recycled Member:
Sou Itagaki