Trash House

On March 29th, we attempted to build a temporary residence in a trash pile on a beach in Yuya. One of the Life Recycled members, Thijs, with the help of the local community, did an art workshop with some kids using bouts from this trash pile, a few months before.

Once we arrived, the first step was digging down into this smelly pile of rubbish for a few hours which resulted in a three foot deep by 8 foot wide clearing with a floor of Styrofoam particulate. We then found some large pieces of wood to serve as our Tipi base and covered it with a tarp. Since we all aspired to be real Indians, we tried to make a fire and after many failed attempts, it finally worked. To top it off, we even roasted some hot dogs before being flooded out of our abode at about midnight under heavy rain.

Why did we do this? This event is part of a larger movement to expose the true nature of the problem of beach trash here in Japan. Beaches like this, which are not popular tourist beaches and unlike the tourist beaches, are not cleaned, give us an idea of what japans beaches really look like before hundreds of people selflessly pick up trash on the shores.