Peace and Green Boat 2014

I’ve just returned from the Peace and Green Boat cruise. The cruise was organized by the very popular Peace Boat NPO in Japan as well as the Green Foundation, one of the largest environmental NPO’s in South Korea. This collaboration between Peace and Green allowed for dialogue between citizens both countries to take place and also provided a perfect audience for the Japan to Korea kayaking expedition presentation.


The Peace and Green Boat cruise was an amazing 10 day experience which allowed us to visit many great places: Busan, Jeju, Taiwan, Naha and Nagasaki. During this cruise, I was given the opportunity to represent Life Recycled and give two presentations. The first presentation was about Life Recycled and our cleanup efforts and the second presentation was about the Japan to Korea kayaking expedition. I also co-organized a third workshop which focused on the actions that participants can take once they return home. In this third workshop we created “mind maps” which allowed the participants to organize their thoughts into smaller actions they can do. Please look at the “mind maps” that were created during the workshops by visiting this link (


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