2015 Global Youth for the Environment Forum

I wanted to share some pictures from the 2015 Global Youth for the Environment Forum which took place on the 10th and 11th of February at Seoul a National University. In attendance were 400 young leaders from 12 countries, all of whom showed immense potential. It was beyond an honor to be able to share our beach cleaning and community organizing efforts with these young leaders. Also, a very big thanks to all those who have supported Life Recycled – Together we can make a difference!



Beach Cleanup Needle

We found this needle when we were cleaning a beach on an island called Suo Oshima. This beach is visited by many tourists during the summer months. One could only imagine how dangerous it would be if a child picked up this needle and decided to play with it. We need to to question the officials as to why there is medical waste on the beaches here in Japan and what is being done to address this problem.


Peace and Green Boat Magazine

I’ve just received word that two Life Recycled presentations, which were done on board the Peace and Green Boat 2014 voyage, were covered by a local newspaper. Here’s the coverage (We’re on Page 2) – Sorry its in Japanese.