Life Recycled

This program, Life Recycled ( was started with a desire to raise awareness about the growing problem of beach trash and clean up the beaches of Yamaguchi Prefecture. We have all done great work and made a difference. Here is a list of our members

If anyone would like to learn more about Life Recycled and our attempts to clean Japans beaches please email a Life Recycled member at Life Recycled

A picture of Mike Reid Sea Kayaking in Japan

Mike Reid, the founding member of Life Recycled is very passionate about making a difference in the environment around him. When he first came to Tsunoshima he was astonished at the state of the beach and that few people actually knew of this condition. He decided to change it and together with the community, “Life Recycled” was created.

Thijs de Koning is an artist from Wellington New Zealand. His work often reflects changes within the environment, raising awareness of endangered species. He is currently exploring repetitive colours and motifs of Honshu. When he moved to Japan he was suprised to see so much rubbish, and since living here he has been cleaning and creating gomi art.

New Zealand Artist Thijs


My name is Sou Itagaki. When I met Mike for the 1st time at a restaurant in Yamaguchi city, we had a discussion about beach trash on Tsunoshima Island and about his trash collection and Art activities. I was moved by his desire to take action and was unaware of the gravity of this problem. Although he does not Japanese, does not live in Japan, or speak Japanese he decided to take action. I know this is a Japanese problem. Why should he do this himself? I decided to join Life Recycled so I can make a difference.

I was introduced to Life Recycled from my friend Sou. I went to visit the trash art show in Studio Imaichi and was very impressed yet surprised by the problem of beach trash. When the first beach cleanup took place, my family went to join the effort and my three children cleaned the beach. It is known that Children are our future and we should not leave them with a sea full of garbage. Also, Life Recycled allowed my to meet many new people and participate in art and cleaning activities.