Hashirijima Cleanup

On the 19th of April, Life Recycled, with 4 members of Ube San Gaku, conducted out first “adventure cleanup” on Hashiri Island in the Seto Uchi Sea. Although the day started with some heavy rain, we were determined to clean in any condition. After a 30 minute ferry ride to the island, the cleanup started. We first cleaned a beach, picking up a lot of Styrofoam and plastic bottles. As 11:00am approached and after we were visited twice by the locals, Norio Sera and his wife Marimi Sera, we changed locations to clean a mountainside, our original reason for going to the island. This mountainside was the most exciting part of the cleanup and posed its own unique set of challenges like getting ourselves down and garbage up the steep slope but with the climbing experience of the Ube San Gaku climbers, we were able to collect a massive amount of trash. After all was said and done we’ve filled up the back of a 2-ton K truck. It was an amazing day and we can’t wait to go back and do a cleanup with the local community (when the weather is better). Also, a big thanks for the event sponsors Oana Ivanoff (Oana Maxim), Kim Okryeon (Okryeon Kim), Danjō Tadahisa (段上忠久 ) and Ube San Gaku (Ube Alpine Club). Thanks to all the Life Recycled supporters and members.

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