Cleaning Beaches

Cleaning Japans Beaches

After arriving in Japan and settling in for a few months, I decided I wanted to see japans beautiful coastline and enjoy the famed Tsunoshima Beach, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan and comes highly recommended by every one of my students. On a cold mid-November day, I packed my snorkeling gear and I left for the beach. When I arrived, I was met with horrendous conditions, more trash then I’ve ever seen at such a location before in my life. It literally looked like a dump. Two options presented themselves: walk away like everyone else or do something to address this.

The first goal was to raise public awareness about this issue through an Art show in Yamaguchi City featuring items that were found on the beaches of Tsunoshima; shoes, PET bottles, and other refuse. The other goal of this awareness project/Art show was to gain support for this project and attract volunteers to help in cleaning Japans beaches. With the volunteers that were interested in cleaning the beach following the Art Show, I wanted to organize a beach cleanup of Tsunoshima where I originally found the trash: refrigerators, televisions, an oil barrel and various other trash.

Since that day in November 2012, and with the help of many people who believed in this project, we formed an organization called "Life Recycled" and have done many beach cleanups and Art shows in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

I hope this illustrates my point of the island paradise that thousands venture to every year and the reality of the situation.

Tsunoshima Beach
Tsunoshima Trash


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